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Mine is like that too, but I choose to look the other way... I don't want to be "that customer" showing up to the dealership every other week for every little imperfection in my brand new ride. Because they're going to toss me in a rental, they'll keep my new ride for weeks - if not months. Then I'll get on a forum and complain about not having my ride back, and how shitty my customer experience is because they can't seem to get the right part to finish the job, and I'll eventually get so frustrated that I'll take the ride back with the false hope the dealership will eventually take care of it on a later date. By then, I would have put on several thousand miles and forgot about the incident, or reflect on the amount of time and effort I put into fixing that minor problem... So yeah, I just choose to look the other way when it's a minor problem that doesn't affect the overall drivability of the vehicle, or affect the overall appearance to where someone points out the obvious.
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