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I bought a brand new GMC YUKON SLT off the showroom from #1 Cochran in Monroeville with 5 miles on it for $87,000. At the 491 mile mark I noticed a deformity with the drivers side front top fender where it meets the hood and windshield upbar! I immediately took it back to #1 Cochran GMC of Monroeville and asked what could be done to remedy the problem! The General Service Manager said on sight they could not do anything to help and recommended making an appointment with Body By Cochran Collision + Customization in Monroeville. I agreed to the appointment, they had the vehicle for 3 days and returned it back with a diagnosis of "unfixable". The General Service Manager told me he couldn't even order me another fender because they are all deformed as such. The recommended next step was to file a claim with General Motors Headquarters for a buy back, so I started that process which was very drawn out and exhausting! I was reprimanded by the Senior Advisor on the case for being over involved with my case because I was following up and she would then tell me after weeks of dealing with General Motors Corporate in order to contact her that they could do nothing for my cause and I needed to work a deal with #1 Cochran for a buyback, so basically up to this point I was chasing my tail. I went back to #1 Cochran like I was told to do and I got the attention of the The Corporate Parts and Service Director and made him aware of my situation, he put me in contact with Mr Smith Regional liaison, who would communicate with General Motors and myself and would get an ASE Certified Engineer to come from General Motors to meet me at #1 Cochran in Monroeville to look at my truck. The Engineer looked at my truck and I didn't even need to tell him where the deformity was! He immediately asked what my plans where for his report and I respectfully said I would like GM to buy the vehicle back, he proceeded to do all his spacing measurements with the fender and hood seems and record them with pictures. He then told me he would submit his report and I would hear from someone within 8-10 business days. I got a call from Mr Smith that evening and he said that the Engineer submitted his report and General Motors was claiming that my vehicle was engineered and designed to look like that! I giggled of course and he said don't shoot the messenger I've seen the pictures. He then asked me, Mr McDonald is there anything I can do for you for us wasting your time? I paused and asked him, like what Mr. Smith? He said, maybe I could give you some new rims and tires you've been eyeballing for your truck? I said Mr Smith I have the best rim and tire package you offer for that truck! I don't want anything from you but for GM to buy this truck back. He said Mr McDonald that's not gonna happen! I then said well GM will hear from my Lawyer and I will be notifying the news that all 2021-22 GMC Yukons are deformed from a faulty production part I have pictures of many other trucks with the identical deformity have a nice day...there is a lot more to this entire situation! I tried being brief as possible with getting my problem across! So in short I'm stuck with a truck that is deformed and I'm paying top dollar for bottom dollar quality and horrible customer satisfaction. GM needs to be held accountable for there actions and take responsibility for them, not treat a hard working 100% total and permanent disabled Marine War Veteran like this and all other customers as well. I did nothing wrong but be a good paying customer who discovered a wrong and they won't right it! there are so many GM customers out there like me who have paid a lot of money and it is not right at all! Please help me to right this wrong and make the public aware!

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Notice the passenger side is perfect, but note the Driver side! And it was engineered and designed to look like that😂😂😂
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