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Have had my 2021 Chevy Suburban Z71 for just over a year. Live in Wisconsin and last year in the winter I noticed that there were major issues with interior windows getting fogged up during below freezing temperatures. This occurred on driver/passenger and all the rear windows regardless of settings on the controls and was most noticeable with at least four individuals in the vehicle. Trust me I have tried all combinations of settings on the controls and nothing cleared the windows like I would of expected.

Fast forward to the summer and come to find out the drains from the sunroof were draining into the cabin. The entire carpet needed to be replaced in the vehicle. I figured that would solve the moisture issues in the vehicle and I wouldn't have foggy windows in the winter anymore either.

Last night had six passengers and again same as last winter didn't matter what settings were used all the windows including driver and passenger had fog on them. Only thing that worked was rolling down the windows.

Has anyone else had this issue? I am expecting this is not normal and looking for anyone else that might of had the same issue and what you did to resolve. The dealer of course said everything was in spec when I asked them to check it out last year.
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