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Chevrolet has revealed what their new Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle is going to look like and there are a bunch of upgrades.

from Autoblog:

besides the lights and push bar that would be added by upfitters, the PPV has a couple of exterior distinctions. It, as well as the SSV, gets the Tahoe Z71's front bumper and fascia for an improved approach angle, which can come in handy when hopping curbs or driving over medians as necessary. It also picks up the front skid plate from the Z71. Unique to these specialty Tahoes are the 20-inch steel wheels wrapped in specially developed Firestone Firehawk Pursuit tires. While likely extremely heavy, they should be able to handle hard impacts with serious bends at worst, rather than actually cracking and breaking.

The PPV and SSV may look similar, but the PPV gets a host of mechanical changes for improved performance. The 5.3-liter V8 doesn't have higher output than stock (355 horsepower, 383 pound-feet of torque), but it does pick up the engine rocker covers from the Camaro ZL1, which Chevy says provide better crankcase ventilation and allow the engine to handle high cornering loads for longer. That's important, since Chevy also lowered the Tahoe PPV and gave it retuned springs, shocks and anti-roll bars for better handling.

The engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission each get oil coolers, too. Braking duty is handled by six-piston Brembo front calipers with 16-inch rotors. Capping off the performance upgrades is a clutch-type rear limited-slip differential. While it doesn't effect driving performance, the PPV comes with a large auxiliary battery for running lights, radios and such with the engine off, as well as a high-output alternator for running them with the engine on.

The PPV is available either in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The SSV on the other hand is four-wheel drive only. It skips out on the various driving performance upgrades, but it does come with standard Terrain Mode for aiding traction off-road. Available as an option is a towing package that allows a Tahoe SSV to pull up to 8,200 pounds, and it includes a two-speed transfer case to enable low-range four-wheel drive.

Production of these specialty Tahoes is set to start late this year, and they should become available to police departments starting early next year. Pricing isn't available, but you won't be able to buy one until it has been retired from a fleet, so it's a bit of a moot point.

2021 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle
2021 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle Interior
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