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I hope this message finds all who read it in great health and high spirits. I purchased my 2021 Suburban RST (Black-On-Black) back in October 2021. Beautiful vehicle and has everything I want (4WD, Moonroof, Captains Chairs 2nd Row and the Rear Entertainment System).

The only problem is, just prior to me writing this, I took one of my children to get ice cream and wanted to play a movie through the Chromecast, on the RSI system. For whatever reason I had to re-setup the Chromecast, but in the process I started having problems. End result, the Chromecast Setup Screen image got stuck/locked onto the RSI left side screen, while the right screen just went black.

I tried to turn the screens off up front, but to no avail. The left screen stayed on with the image stuck and the right screen stayed black and did nothing.

So I went to DQ, hoping that the vehicle being off for a time, without the Chromecasts plugged in, would allow the system to correct itself. It did. Temporarily. So I tried streaming/casting a Disney+ show for my child. It attempted to load, then, ONCE AGAIN, it locked up. Only difference is, this time it was the Disney+ loading screen's image that was stuck.

Trying to figure out why a $2500 Rear Seat Infotainment system, that I BARELY USE, in a BRAND NEW VEHICLE, would start locking up on me not EVEN 3 months after I purchased the vehicle???

I read where someone else had a similar problem on a Yukon, with a Roku were told that the Roku was the problem. Sorry, I'm not buying that. And what will make me mad is, if someone (namely a person at the dealership) insinuates that somehow I'm going to have to do without the HDMI ports functioning. That will REALLY piss me off. A $2500 RSI should, in my opinion, function even better than a TV with HDMI ports, since it costs SO MUCH MORE than the aforementioned TV.

Sorry for not long this is, but can ANYONE please advise me on this?

Thank you in advance.
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