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2021 Tahoe LS
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So I just purchased my wife a ‘21 Tahoe LS with less than 500 miles and have already noticed several issues. The paint is chipped in between the chrome trim on the lift gate. It is a very odd place to have a chip. So I after I noticed this I walked around the vehicle just to find more issues. Both headlights are so tight against the bumper that they are rubbing through the paint. Found my back passenger door not flush like the other doors. The weatherstipping on the driverside window is messed up close to the mirror. Missing one of four of the rubber bushings that the lift gate back window rest on. The odd thing with that piece missing is that you can see the mark on the window where one once was and my wife didn’t even know that that window opened. WTH. I am going to my dealer tomorrow to see what can be done. I was really iffy on buying another Tahoe after having several issues with a 2015 LT Tahoe. I’ve seen the other issues on this forum and didn’t see the ones I had so I wanted to share and get your thoughts. I’m not sure if this truck was damaged and they tried to fix it or if this is just the product GM is putting out. Washed it around lunch and already covered with pollen. Thanks for your time!
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