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Hey everyone! I’m relatively new to the forum! I’ve had a 2019 Chevy Traverse and a 2017 Lexus GsF but most recently let the GsF go as the lease was up! I order my RST in April and got her last month. I plan on posting my mods here and will be happy to answer any questions about the mods themselves. Now I do realize that mods are customary to the owner and the look they are going for. I’ve seen a lot of the mods and posts and I think everyone is doing an awesome job creating their own look! As I complete the mods, I’ll be posting pictures! Stay blessed Family ! Here are some of the things I’ve done so far:
Tint: I’ve tinted the truck all around. 10 glass panels. The 2 on the roof(sun roof and panorama), the entire truck, including the windshield.(Didn’t post pix, didn’t think it was a popular mod but can if requested)
Chevy Mirror Puddle LED’s:

Font Symbol Electric blue Cross Emblem

Dash Cam: I didn’t hardwire it in because I plan on buying the rear view mirror that connects to the rear camera. Here’s the cam:

Car Satellite radio Vehicle Radio Plant

Light Automotive lighting Automotive mirror Plant Automotive design

LED Chevy Grill Bowtie:

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light

Sound System: It hits hard when I’m alone, but subtle enough to keep the family good when they’re riding along. It’s a great compliment to the entertainment package tv’s.

Automotive tail & brake light Car Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Exhaust: Resonator and Muffler Delete, along with Black Chrome Muffler tips. Sounds beast, especially on cold start!(That V8 aggression)

Automotive tire Netbook Hood Automotive lighting Bumper

That’s it for now. The final 3 things I’d like to do are the Rims, The Lowering Kit, and Cold Air Intake…that should complete the look I want. Again, as I add, I’ll be sure to throw up pix! Hopefully more of you can do the same! I get motivated from all of you! Hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared! Happy Modding Fam!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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