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Hey guys! New member here. This is my 2022 Z71 Tahoe with factory GM 22 inch rims with 285/50r22 Nitro Ridge grapplers-10 ply. Ive had it exactly a year, bought it brand new with the rim and tire upgrade, about 9K miles on it, and have had vibration/shaking in my steering and to some degree in my seat at speeds between 65 mph and up since Ive owned it. Driving around town it's fine but once Im on the highway/interstate is when it goes to crap. Ive taken it back to the dealership so many times Ive lost count since I took delivery a year ago and the problem just never seems to get solved. The dealership did get me 3 new tires for free from Nitto at the beginning of February and they said they balanced everything out and I should be good-still the issue was there. Yesterday I took it to a reputable tire and brake shop where I live in Charleston, SC-they checked balancing and almost every rim/tire was off on the inside and outside balancing. They found one tire that was not shaped right-ordering me one to replace that one. Im going to take it Monday to get road forced testing done AGAIN but at their shop. Even after they balanced everything the shaking and vibrations are still there. Is there a bigger issue here? Like drive train? Has anyone experienced this with their Tahoes? If so what did you do to resolve it? Im so tempted to go give everyone a piece of my mind at Rick Hendrick b/c ive been strung along with this stupid issue for far too long. Any and all suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated!

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