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So a couple of weeks ago I went out in my Tahoe and received a notice of a software up was available. So once I had a chance I parked shut the engine off and the software was downloaded and installed. No problems. About a week afterward In the My Chevy app I received a notice about a non-compliance recall. Last week I received the printed recall notice.

In the notice and in the online description of the recall it states that the recall may be automatically downloaded an installed. Now back to the downloaded software update. There was no description of the update provided while the update was completed. I did see in some of the descriptions of the update that Chevy began pushing the update back a month ago.

My question is without going to the dealer is there anyway to verify that the software update that was installed did include the software for the recall? last week i spent an hour with Chevy tech support and they were basically useless.
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