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Belltech Performance Struts with a 2/3 drop

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First post, and first BIG upgrade so far. Decided to go with Belltechs Street Pro adjustable struts and had it installed by my aftermarket guy at the dealership. Kit goes 2/3.5 max but with the front and rear only being about roughly a 1 inch difference stock, I wanted to keep it level. Played around with the idea of 24"s but decided to stick with the 22"s and just get new wheels. Pics to come when the wheels come in!
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@1BlessedExec an updated pic of the wheels too. Struts make it handle better, especially with a lower center of gravity. No tire wear issues yet, the rims are 22x9.5 so pretty much stock other than the extra half inch in width.

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ThAts a dope Tahoe! You out that together well!!! Great work my friend!
Thank you! Did a lot of research and such an to make sure it all worked out well. Have some cosmetic stuff I still want to do, probably gonna remove the running boards and black out the bow ties.
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