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This increase in COVID-19 cases could mean another temporary plant shutdown if the trend continues:

"At Wentzville, there are 12 confirmed cases since it restarted in mid-May, up from five cases less than a month ago, said a person at the plant familiar with union leadership who has access to that data. The person declined to be named because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

"If we continue to see the number of cases trend upward, the union would have to request a shutdown of the plant again so that it can be cleaned and workers can get tested," the person said. "It's a concern.”

[...] The combined population of the two plants is just over 9,000 workers, so the 34 cases is well below 1% of the combined workforce. Still, workers at the facilities who have reached out to the Free Press say they are afraid of contracting the virus because it is so contagious. They worry they could spread it to their families."

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