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Considering installing a 2-channel dashcam in the '21 Tahoe Premier. Chevy lists a Thinkware dashcam as an OEM option that can be installed at the dealership, but it's not the latest/greatest model, quite frankly. So here are my ponderings, and if anyone has any insights, experience, or warnings, please share. :)

Strong contenders are Thinkware U1000 2 channel, and Blackvue DR900X 2 channel. Both are 4K front cameras. The Thinkware edges out the Blackvue on clarity in some tests, but I just flat LIKE the profile of the Blackvue. Thoughts? Other recommendations?

Installation, hooboy, I worry about this! Options are to plug into cigarette lighter (no thanks), wire to fuse box, or wire to OBDII. Anyone had good/bad experiences with using fuse extenders? OBD plug? Any issues with running/concealing the wires successfully? I'm not to fazed at front camera installation, but running the wire to the rear of the Tahoe gives me...pause. Who's done it, what route did you use, and how difficult was it? Where did you mount the rear camera, and would you change anything if you could?

Long post, I know -- just needing some help. If I can do it myself, I'd prefer to do so. Thanks to anyone who plows through all this. (y):)
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