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I was told by the Salesperson I would not need the navigation package ( which requires you have rear seat entertainment displays), but I did not listen. Turns out if you don't subscribe to GM's$25 a month "Enhanced Navigation" package you have no way of getting Traffic displayed on the GPS map. They blocked XM-Traffic from the new systems!

No one could tell me this at dealership, as I honestly believe they were not told. In fact it took 3 calls to GM customer service, and 4+ calls to XM to finally get someone to tell me. XM just kept sending refresh signals, and GM just kept sending me back to XM CS. Finally I was connected with someone at GM who told me the truth.

Sooooo.... Don't buy the option as you will end up using Apple Play or Android connect for your GPS!

So Sad they have come to this.:mad:
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