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Engine issues with brand new 21 Tahoe

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We had to have the lifters replaced, yes lifters in the engine, in a brand new off the lot 21 Tahoe 7 months after purchasing the vehicle. Now not 7 months after having a engine rebuild again on a brand new Tahoe I’m being told we have to wait 3/4 days for the truck to even be looked at AND no loaner. A brand new truck should not have to have the engine rebuilt twice in a year of ownership. I am so dissatisfied with the Tahoe brand. Has anyone else had to have a engine rebuild in a year old suv?
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YES! I had lifters/camshaft, push rods replaced when it came of transport at 64 miles, again at 9000 miles. New engine at 14000 miles and now 2 catalytic converters replaced…the last one almost caught the truck on fire. its a 21 Z71 with 35000 miles. $70k for this is unacceptable to me…and I’ve been in the car business for 20+ years. they want to give me trade value if I order a new one. I’m not going in the hole on this, so I’ve contacted a lemon law attorney.
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