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Ultra Cruise is the closest thing to Tesla's Autopilot and builds on the capabilities of Super Cruise.

"The statement comes from GM’s vice president of global product development Doug Parks, during an interview at Citi’s 2020 Car of the Future Symposium last week. Parks said GM has “a big team” working on the next iteration of Super Cruise, which they call internally Ultra Cruise. It would expand beyond highways, to include neighborhoods and city streets.

“As we continue to ratchet up Super Cruise, we continue to add capability and not just highway roads,” Parks said, as cited by TechCrunch. “We’re trying to take that same capability off the highway.Ultra cruise would be all of the Super Cruise plus the neighborhoods, city streets and subdivisions. So Ultra Cruise’s domain would be essentially all driving, all the time.”

Make no mistake, though, this is not – or will not be – autonomous driving. General Motors is adamant people make the distinction between advanced driving assistance and fully-autonomous. The latter is only the end goal right now.

Ultra Cruise would be the closest thing to Autopilot, so it would still require a driver at the wheel, monitoring the road. Unlike with Tesla’s Autopilot, though, GM’s driver assist does not require that the human operator keep his or her hands on the wheel, but they do have to keep looking straight ahead at the road." ~
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