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is it Bad Trans flud or trans need to be rebuilt ?

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2018 Yukon XL SLT 5.6L 4WD 6 speed 92K miles

Something odd going on from last couple days..

what happens is :
As soon you put in Drive, it starts rolling little bit backwards, and when you press gas, RPM increases but it keeps rolling back-words very slowly and all of sudden may be gear/clutch catches and it start moving forward (feel like someone hit from back for a moment ), and drives fine after that. only happens in stop and go, and only when engine is little bit hot. (drives perfectly initial 20-30 miles or so ..)

check engine light came on couple days back code p0741 (TCC performance/ struck position), cleared manually and didn't come back.

any remedy can be done to prevent or its already too late, and needs new transmission or is it misfire something else?

Found this related TSB from GM :

Trans fluid looks brown and time to change but not sure if trans fluid change would fix this issue or transmission needs rebuild ?

what do you suggest ? (dont have extended warranty)
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