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Both SUVs are built in the same Arlington, Texas, factory, and they're stored near a lake where swarms of mayflies tend to congregate after flying out of the water. Female mayflies normally live for less than five minutes, while males have a two-day lifespan, but they spend enough time flying around to leave some kind of residue.

GM has had to delay some Tahoe and Yukon shipments to clean off black residue they believe comes from the mayflies. Some stores have chosen to take the SUVs as-is, but they've had to spend hours removing bug guts from body panels, windows, and wheels; one dealer received a Tahoe with a hood so badly damaged that it needed to be repainted.

GM has sent dealers a bulletin instructing them to clean the SUVs with bug remover, wash them with a pressure washer or another brushless system, polish the paint with a foam pad, and thoroughly inspect it under high-intensity fluorescent lighting. Meanwhile, it's in the process of cleaning the vehicles parked on its storage lot in Texas, and it expects they will all be in like-new condition by the middle of September.

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