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We’ve had our 2021 Yukon Denali for over a year now and are very pleased with everything except the location of the front seat passenger assistance handle.
While the Yukon SLE & SLT come with the passenger assistance handle on the A post, the Denali has the assistance handle mounted above the passenger door. My guess is, the Denali’s speaker location on the A post trim is the main reason for moving the handle.
The problem is, the over the door location is difficult at best for use by a person with disabilities.
My guess is, the structure on the A post for mounting the handle probably exists under the trim.
‘My question is, has anyone explored mounting an assistance handle on the A post of a Denali? Would it be possible to purchase the A post trim for an SLT and adapt it to accept the speaker from the Denali?
thanks for any responses
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