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Problems Disconnecting trailer on Tahoe w Air Ride Suspension

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Hi All,
I'm new to this forum and was unable to find any thread on this topic.
I have a 2022 Tahoe w factory Air Ride suspension. When I attempt to unhook and raise the trailer nose, the rear air bags just keep inflating until they're at maximum height and I can't release the trailer. Buy placing 8 in of wood blocks underneath the jack footplate, I could finally exceed the air bag max height. I tried turning the vehicle off. I also tried engaging "service mode" for the air ride system, which is supposed to turn the compressor off.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Jim
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I have a 2021 Yukon with air ride suspension. I think its identical. I think you need to set the suspension to normal height then enable air suspension "Service Mode" in the infotainment screen on your dash under Settings/Vehicle/Suspension. In service mode it will not change the suspension height and will disable the compressor. I suggest you read your owners manual because there is a procedure you need to follow in hitching a trailer and setting the suspension load height. Hope this helps.
Regards, Gary
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