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Just bought my 2021 Tahoe premier 3 weeks ago. We test drove it and fell in love with it. A week later we noticed rain water coming out of the seat belt housings on the pillars of both the front and second row passengers. We could also hear the sound of water sloshing around over head. I just brought it into the dealer this morning for them to investigate the leak when they notified me of a engine oil cooler line recall. Apparently this can cause catastrophic engine failure.
They said that they inspected the oil cooler lines and they’re ok. When I asked about the water leak they said that they blew air down the drain tubes in the sunroof. They said that sometimes they can become clogged or pinched and they look like they are draining properly. They then said that if it happens again then I need to bring it back and they’ll have to drop the headliner and inspect it.
I have a feeling I’ll be back.

Here is the link for the recall they found:

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