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Towing RV Trailer with 3.0L Duramax Diesel

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Has anyone towed a RV trailer behind a new Yukon with the Duramax Diesel engine? Does it have enough power and what type of fuel mileage were you able to get?
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I tow my 22 foot wakeboat with my 22 Yukon XL with the diesel. Total weight of boat and trailer is around 5500 and I have no problems with towing it at altitude or lower elevations.
I towed my 18' Rpod (3000 lbs) on a 800 mile trip recently, going from sea-level to 2000' elevation. Fuel economy was 14.1 mpg. Power is more than adequate, able to pull a long uphill grade at 65-70 mph without going over 2000 rpm. I previously had a 2018 GMC Canyon with the V6, It would rev closer to 4000 RPM for the same grade. The Canyon towed well but the Yukon is a much more relaxed experience. The Canyon would get about 12 miles per gallon on the same trip, towing the same trailer, traveling at the same speeds.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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