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Yukon XL tires

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Just purchased a 2021 Yukon XL, comes with 20" tires. We are having 22" tires put on when the vehicle gets to the dealership next week. My question is, does going from the 20 inch to the 22 inch size change the spare tire size? The sales rep didn't know. I want to make sure the right size spare will be included when we pick the care up.
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The 22" rims should have a shorter wall on the tires so they will be the same size as your spare. Otherwise your speedometer would be off. Not sure about ride quality though with a shorter profile tire.
If you mean running a 20" tire if you have a flat and putting on when you have 22" tires probably wouldn't be ideal
the spare tire size does not change - The overall diameter of the tire should stay pretty much the same. When you have a bigger rim, there will just be less side wall to compensate
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