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Lowered 2021 Chevy Tahoe

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What does everyone think of this Tahoe that has a 3 inch lowering kit and 24 inch Status Titan wheels?

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They were able to achieve perfect alignment in the rear and within 0.02 in the front.
Awesome. Can't wait to get mine lowered.
They were able to achieve perfect alignment in the rear and within 0.02 in the front.
Let me know when you hook up the boat. I tow one too. Where do you go? I'm on Secord, no water now tho with all the flood a few years ago.
I will probably go pick up from storage next month sometime. I will let you know how it goes. I go all over the place with it. I live in Lansing area. Go to Gull over by Battle Creek, Clark Lake near Jackson, Indian River once per summer, West Traverse Bay a lot, Torch on occasion, Leelanau once or twice a year. If you decide to go the spring swap route let me know. I ordered the springs before changing my mind. Will sell them at a loss if anyone is interested.
she finally done!!!! let me be the first to BLACK OUT EVERYTHING !!!! SPECIAL THANKS TO DAVE'S 21. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

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Hey bro, the Burban looks dope!! I feel like I’ve got real confused with all the posts that say what the lowering kits are and what to buy etc…
I’m sorry if my question comes across annoying but what lowering kit did you use and what was the product number? Are you noticing an uneven tire wear? That’s what I’m afraid of..
161 - 164 of 164 Posts
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