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Hey guys I have a 21 Tahoe RST 4x4 i modify, lift, lower & repair cars for a living along with alignments body frame & advanced driver calibrations. Please pay attention if you have already lowered your Tahoe and I’ll explain why you’re having drivability issues.
With that said stop taking your front springs and putting them on the back. I did this and it makes the truck wander on the highway yes it’s get the lowered look but this is very unsafe considering the trucks reaction to hard cornering and or braking. Everyone that’s already done this is just to proud to admit that it drives like a boat on the highway. Just do it right Belltech has adjustable shocks that utilizes factory springs for 100$ a piece we all want to see you and your family get home safe.
I’ll post some pictures of the install and part numbers for struts/knuckles alignment specs feel free to ask any questions and I’ll get back to you. 305/30/26 fits with no rubs I can also help with pre setting alignment angles before you take the truck to the alignment shop after lowering.
One more thing i’m sure everyone has noticed the front wheels sit back towards the firewall this can be fixed by adjusting the alignment cams on the lower cont arm —the farther the lower ball joint is towards the front of the vehicle the higher the caster angle will be this fixes the setback look and brings back drive ability after lowering this is a must if your install larger wheels and tires. ( Give me a few days I’ll post pics of my alignment cams clearly marked with instructions if you would like to try it yourself or just pictures to print off for reference to give your alignment guy. Unfortunately most shops will just want to do a tow set and blow ya out the door so keep that in mind.

Belltech adjustable struts 25019/25022
RST replica wheels 26x10 eBay
305/30/26 tires
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your truck looks amazing!! The way that sits on those 26’s is tough!!! Great work man! Thanks for the lowering info! I always felt uneasy about taking the front springs off and putting them in the rear. This is great info!
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